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White Transwoman Sleeps with her nemesis, A Black co-worker.

Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap….

My head is spinning and my whole body is tingling. My heart is racing, and I feel the long phallic object moving in and out of my ass with vigor. My little clit is swinging back and forth between my legs, as I am on all fours on a hotel bed. I am filled with excitement and ecstasy as I am lost in the throes of being thoroughly fucked.

Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap….

I look up to the full-length mirror that is across from the bed. A large muscular and handsome black man is kneeling behind me with his hands gripping onto my waist, as his hips keep slapping my white ass cheeks. His chiseled and sexy body glistens with sweat as he is looking down at his cock moving in and out of my white asshole. My modest breasts are swinging tightly from my chest in the same rhythm as my small half swollen clitty. My long dark brown hair drapes over my right shoulder as I am panting and moaning with the repetitive thrusts that are being worked upon my body.

Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap….

I feel the long thick black cock of this sexy stud working inside of me. His strokes rub my insides and are constantly poking at my prostate. I feel the stretching of both pain and pleasure in my neglected ass. My toes are trying to curl up into my feet as I feel them shaking with pure pleasure.

Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap….

I look back to the black man that is behind me. He is fucking me like it is his purpose in life. His light brown eyes and his nice trimmed short black hair. The square cut jaw that just begs to be touched while your lips are pressed against his big soft lips. How have I not realized how sexy and handsome this man is? Why is he interested in a transwoman like me?

Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap…. Thwap….

My green eyes scan the room and the mirror trying to recall how I got here and what has happened. Was it all the weed that I had smoked? Was it the empty bottle of champagne that is sitting next to the hotel TV? Was it the success of our meetings the last couple days?

I do not know, and frankly, I don’t really care. I just know that this is the best I have felt in a long time.

I feel happy.

I feel good.

I feel full.

I feel like I am about to explode.


One Week Ago

Knock Knock Knock. “Brenda….”

I look up from my computer screen to see my boss, a six-foot-tall middle aged white male with salt and pepper hair, looking at me. Mr. Jones is an attractive man in his own right. Not in the best shape as he has developed a dad bod over the last few years. His wife is at home with their two kids. He is a nice guy and has really treated me well being the only trans person in company history.

“Yes sir.” I responded with a smile. I am not sure how long he has been standing there as I have been so wrapped up in a few of the marketing projects that I have been delegated.

“I am going to send Tyronne with you to San Francisco next week.”

I feel my stomach jump into my throat and I am filled with frustration at the news. Tyronne, or Ty as he likes everyone to call him, is the big shot at the firm. He is your prototypical jock that is looking for praise and to always show up the people that he is ‘competing’ against. I say competing because he thinks that everything is a competition. Who was the one that got this deal. How much more was that contract than yours. Hey, I am better than you kind of attitude. We have never gotten along.

“Why is that? I can make the pitch to Sephora on my own. I really don’t need him with me.” I respond.

Let’s hope that I can talk my way out of this. I don’t know if I could go on a trip with that guy. Listen to him talk about himself the whole time. He is such a pig-headed jerk.

“He is going to make a pitch to the Golden State Warriors the day before your pitch to Sephora. I know the two don’t have anything to do with one another, but I would like for you to work together. We could really use those two deals. It will do great things for the company and I want my two-best people on it.” Mr. Jones says with a big smile.

I smile back at him. “Okay sir. I will do my best.”

“I know you will. The two of you won’t let me down.” Mr. Jones says before patting the frame of my office door and continuing down the hallway.

Great. Just what I needed. Not only do I have to try and land the biggest deal of my career, but I have to land two of them with a guy that I just can’t stand.

Very few people in the office knew I was a transwoman. I transitioned into a girl at a young age of 16 in a Hurst Texas. I realized that I was not like other boys. I was more sensitive and not as rough. I preferred the more ‘girly’ things in life, like playing with dolls and pretend house. I wanted to play with the girls and do girly things when I was a child. My parents always noticed that I was different too.

My family was supportive and helped be through a lot growing up and trying to fit in. It became more evident that I was not comfortable as a boy when I was caught wearing my older sisters clothes. Instead of getting mad, my parents took me to a few doctors. I went through a lot of phycological and physical analysis before I even hit puberty. I was suffering from a severe case of gender dysphoria. The best course of action was to start me on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and to change schools with the goal of changing my sex.

The rest of my life, going through puberty, high school, and college was filled with ups and downs. Life was a lot more bearable than my prepubescent youth was. I felt like myself and was able to fit in with the other kids around me. I was able to get a degree in Marketing from Texas Tech University and get a job in Marketing as a solid career.

Just looking at me you couldn’t tell that I once identified as a boy. I looked, talked, and acted like a woman. The only way you could tell that I was not a girl by birth was my little penis between my legs. I got good at tucking it between my legs and panties. It helped that it never got very big due to the hormones that I took as a teenager. My hair grew into a beautiful Dark Brown chestnut mane. My features became soft and womanly. Even my breast sprouted into a good size C cup by the time I made it to college. I became a very attractive woman, and I loved my body. Maybe one day I would finish transitioning, but I am scared that my parts won’t work afterwards or that I would miss my penis.

I thought back to when I first met Tyronne Jackson. He came on strong and tried to hit on me. He was new at the company and had started a year after I did. He was cocky and full of energy. At the time I was dealing with the stress of my father passing away and I wasn’t dealing with life very well. He asked me out a number of times and I refused. He eventually gave up.

That is when his attitude toward me became more abrasive. He started to call me names behind my back. It started a back-and-forth war that was put to an end by Mr. Jones about 6 months ago. I had to admit that I did some things that I wasn’t proud of, but I was not going to let him treat me with disrespect. Needless to say, things between us have always been difficult. It felt like we were fire and ice. Black and white. Just to opposites that could never seem to really stand the other or co-exist in the same realm at the same time. Every time we would step into the same room together, you could feel the tension in the room, like walking into a bathroom after someone just took the hottest shower that they could. Just thinking about him made my skin crawl and feel icky.

I got back to work on getting my presentation for Sephora ready.

Ty showed up at my office later that afternoon knocking at my door. I looked up at him and saw that he wasn’t very happy. He must have gotten the same news that I had. He was wearing a nice light gray pair of slacks with a black button-down shirt and no tie.

“So….. I heard that we will be working together.” Ty avoided eye contact and was talking as if this is just something he wanted to just get over with.

“I guess so. How do you want to do this?” I said being short with him. I don’t really want to speak to him, and I want to do as little as possible.

“Let’s just meet in the conference room in an hour and we can talk about a game plan.” Ty said. I nodded and he turned and left.

It was Friday around 2 pm and our flights to San Francisco were on Wednesday. We didn’t have much time to really get on the same page. There was a big hurdle in front of us with not a lot of time to get ready.

An hour later we met in the conference room. I got there first and had a folder with some artwork ready to show off and a legal pad. I was making notes waiting for Ty to show up. Eventually he does and with nothing in his hands. He walks in and sits in the chair closest to the door. He puts one hand on the conference table and leans back in the chair all casual like.

“Look. So, this is what we are going to do. You are going to work on your presentation, and I am going to work on mine. You don’t get in my way and I won’t get in yours. We will go to San Fran together. We will go to each other’s meetings, but we won’t be involved. Cool? Cool…..” Ty says to me and then turns to get out of his chair.

I am sitting there offended and annoyed. “No……..” It just comes out of my mouth. What gives him the right to dictate how this is going to work. He just can’t come in here and tell me what to do. We were asked to work on these sales pitches together. There is too much on the line to just work on this alone and fail to get either of these clients.

Ty turns and looks at me with a sense of anger and frustration. “What do you mean no?”

“I mean no…. We are going to work on this together. We are both going to put in our work and get both of these clients. I can’t do it all by myself and Mr Jones is expecting us both to pull this thing out. As much as I hate the idea of working with you, I hate the idea of losing these clients and disappointing Mr. Jones more. If you don’t like it, you can just take it to him.”

Ty lets out a big sigh. “Fine, but don’t think this gives you the right to tell me how to make my pitch. It is my play and I will take it all the way for a touchdown. You just stand on the sidelines and be a good cheerleader.”

“That is another thing. I am not just some push over ‘cheerleader’ here. I do just as much as you do and I deserve just as much respect.” I snap back at him.

“No you don’t. You’re just some bitch that has gotten good at sucking the right dick.”

That was the last straw. Soon we get into an all-out screaming match with one another. Both of us are calling each other names and pulling up all the past shit that we have done to one another. People have started to gather in the halls, and it takes about 10 minutes before someone calls Mr. Jones stops us.

“That is enough, you two.” Ty and I go quiet. You can hear about a half a dozen people in the hallway talking. Both Ty and I are still fuming, but we stay quiet for Mr. Jones.

“I have had enough of your constant fighting and bickering. I was hoping that both of you would have worked this out a long time ago, but it looks like I was wrong. I am going to make this very simple. You both need to work together and get these clients. I want the Warriors and Sephora as our two top clients by next week. If we are missing even one of them, you both can consider yourselves fired……… Am I clear.”

Like two puppies that just got kicked by their owner, Ty and me both nod and look down at the ground.

“Good. Now I want to see you both in here tomorrow so you can work together on your pitches.”

Ty looks like he is about to say something about coming in on a Saturday but is cut off by Mr. Jones.

“I don’t care what you have going on. This is your priority. Now go home. Cool off and I want to see you both in here at 8 am.”

I nod my head in agreeance and Ty does the same, but more reluctantly.

“Now get out of here.” Mr. Jones says as Ty is the first to storm out. I gather my things and I am not too far behind.

I headed home after getting things cleaned up at my desk. No one stopped me to talk about what just happened. It was all just too soon. I got in my car and drove to my lonely two-bedroom apartment in Fort-worth. The events of the day have left me stressed and in need of a good drink.

I pulled out a bottle of my favorite red wine and a glass. I clicked on the TV for some background noise. The TV glowed to life with reruns of doctor pimple popper playing. It was one of my guilty pleasures, watching gross stuff getting cut open and popped on TV. I poured myself a glass and started to sip on it. I quickly began to think of how to make the awful situation better.

After a whole empty bottle of wine and two hours’ worth of bursting cysts, I started to feel lonely.

My love life wasn’t always lonely. I have had a few boyfriends here and there, but many of them couldn’t handle being in a relationship with a trans woman. Some of them wanted a natural born woman that could give them kids, or they just dated me because it was fun and worth a try. None of them really took it too seriously. Others when they found out what I was got furious and aggressive. They all thought that I was trying to trick them and called me harsh words like “Fag” and “Tranny bitch”. Very few good guys would ever give me a chance and if they did, they were real creeps. Most of the guys I dated were white. It was just the guys that found me attractive and gave me a chance.

I never really dated any other races much. A Hispanic once, but never a black guy. It just never came to my mind or was really attracted to one. In the area where I grew up there weren’t many black guys around. I didn’t really meet or talk to many till I got to college and moved to Dallas. Then I still didn’t find them attractive at all. My dad was white, and I was always attracted to men that looked and acted like him. I really don’t think that he would have ever approved of me dating anyone other than a white guy, but he never told me that directly.

It had been so long since I had felt the warm embrace of a man next to me, and I was beginning to forget what it felt like. I was beginning to forget what it was like to kiss a man and have him kiss me back. I just wanted to be loved and to love in return.

The wine was really starting to take effect and left me feeling horny. In times like this all I really had was Henry. That is what I called my dildo. He was a pink 7-inch doc Johnson dildo with a suction cup. He would always be there for me. The sad part was, is that I was starting to think that he is the only lover that I would ever have in my life.

I get up from my spot on the couch and put my empty glass in the sink and throw away the bottle. I pull a bottle of Jim Beam out of the cupboard and take a big swig right out of the bottle. I feel the burn of the Bourbon roll down my throat and fill me with warmth. My loins burn for some attention as I am growing hornier by the second. I put the cap back on the bottle and walk to my bedroom for some playtime.

I have always been the type of girl that has enjoyed porn and reading sexy literature online. It is something that helps me get off when I am alone. I love watching solo guys jerking and showing off their sexy bodies. I love to watch them get blown by good looking girls as I imagine that it is me between their legs with their cock in my mouth. While I am riding my dildo or using it on myself, I like to watch other transgirls getting fucked. Tonight, I needed to feel a cock in my pussy and I needed it badly.

I open up my laptop and go to some of my favorite porn sites. As I am looking through all the content, I am slowly removing all the work clothes from the day. I get down to my bra and panties as I feel my loins continue to set ablaze by my excitement. My little clitty girl cock is trying to get hard as it is tucked into my gaff underwear. As I am looking through all the porn, I start rubbing at my little clit over my panties. My nipples grow harder and harder as my excitement is building. I pull my bra off and toss it onto the floor with all the rest of my discarded clothing. I start to alternate between pinching and rolling my nipples between my fingers and hand rubbing at my girl cock with my left.

I move through all the clips and movies online and spend a good hour doing so. I am getting so worked up as I feel the alcohol still affecting my body as I had not eaten since lunch. Finally, I find something that gets me really hot. Something that would be worthy of me riding my dildo to. It starts with a tgirl porn star named Channel Santini and she is lounging around her bedroom in her underwear. She looks so good and you can hardly tell that she is a trans girl. Outside her sliding glass bedroom door is a sexy brunette white guy that is taking care of the lawn. He catches her in her underwear, and she invites him in. He learns of her little secret in her panties and doesn’t care. They start to play with each other and get one another hard.

I set my computer to the side and stripped off my panties. Between my legs I am completely smooth. I make it a point to go get waxed every so often. Everything from my eyebrows down is completely hair free and that is the way I like it. It makes me feel like the girl that I am. My cock doesn’t really get fully hard anymore. Yes it swells and feels really sensitive, but it never really gets hard enough to penetrate during sex due to the hormones and hormone blockers that I take. I start to rub and play with my cock. I feel the tingling sensations of the stimulation start to fill my body. My hands continue to explore my little cock, that is about 3 inches long at maximum, and my little itty-bitty balls.

My whole-body tingles with pleasure as I touch myself. Soon my fingers find my little asshole and I feel the growing ache of needing to be filled. I reach over to my bedside table and remove Henry and the lube. I climb off my bed and kneel down on the side of it with my chest resting on the edge. The screen of the porno movie is still at a perfect viewing angle. I squirt some lube into my right hand and apply it liberally to my needy anus. My small dainty manicured fingers push the lube into my hole. I start with one, then eventually move up to three fingers as I stretch out my hole for my pink boy Henry.

At this point in the movie, Channel is on all fours and the guy is getting ready to press his cock into her ass. This is perfect timing, because I am now starting to lube Henry up and press him inside of my ass pussy. I feel the rim of the head of the realistic dong pop through my anus with ease. Soon the whole thing is shoved deep in my ass, as I am moving it in and out with my hand. My mouth is open, and I am starting to moan and pant as I am giving pleasure to myself. I feel my little clit oozing precum down the inside of my thigh. The little girl cock as hard as it will ever get, but that doesn’t stop me. I just keep moving Henry in and out of my hungry hole. The veiny and thick cock rubbing at my anus and poking at my prostate feels amazing. So much better than the stimulation that I was giving my little clit not too long ago. As my right hand would get tired, I would switch off to the other hand and keep going. The scene on my laptop is continuing to unfold. Watching this sexy man take this girl is getting me both jealous and excited. I am putting myself in Channel’s shoes and wish it was me that was being taken by this sexy man. The scene changes to Channel riding on top of this guy. That is when I decide to change my position as well.

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