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Naked Physical Force Determined Who Would Be In Control.

I could start to taste this slippery fluid, his pre-cum as it hit my tongue, it was warm and felt like it was foaming up in my mouth. I loved that taste and loved that I was exciting him this much. The feel of him sliding over my lips and on my tongue was wonderful, I could have done this all day for him.

He stopped and took his cock out of my mouth; I hoped that I had not done something wrong because I needed to continue. I looked up to see his face and noticed that he was smiling. “You are doing great he said but I want to try another position, kneel in front of me here.” As I kneeled he stepped out of his pants and took off his shirt, he was now naked. This man had a nice body, very strong and well kept for his age. He had great strong legs and a nice ass also. He turned around and bent in front of me and told me to lick that back of his legs but to reach between his legs and keep stroking his cock.

I licked his legs and ran my tongue from the back of his knees to his thighs while I stroked his cock. He loved this and moaned loudly while I continued. He turned his head and said, “this is so hot, but now I need your lips on my ass” I was so hot at this point that I thought I would puncture my pants! I started to kiss and lick his tight ass and he said “deeper”. He reached back and pulled his cheeks apart for me, I could now see his bum and thought here we go! I put my face in and attached my lips to his ass, he groaned and said “oh yea, suck my ass for me”. I still had his cock in hand and kept stroking slowly, my hand was now covered with his precum and it made pumping easier.

I slowly put my tongue on his ass and licked in small circles dipping my tongue inside every time around. I loved how nasty this was. I licked up and down until he stepped back and turned back around.

“You are so good you could make money doing that.” he joked.

He told me that he wanted to ride my face and that I should try not to gag on his shaft. I couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth again, and I didn’t need to wait long. He held my head and starts fucking my mouth slowly and deeply, on some of the strokes his balls would hit my chin, which really excited me.

“Oh you’re a great cock sucker he said, take me, deep honey, hold my ass while I drill your throat.” My lips were stretched to the max and I loved it, his cock was sliding deep but I didn’t gag at all. I could taste his fluid-leaking non-stop into my mouth; it made him so slippery that it helped him go deeper. “Use your tongue on me, honey, wrap it around my cock, suck that cum out of me, blow me, baby, blow me he said.”

And blow him I did, I sucked his cock as hard as I could, but softly. I wanted his load and I wanted it soon, I also waited all night for this to happen and now I will get my reward.

He started to pump faster and breathe harder; I knew my time had come. “Suck me, baby, suck me, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming.” It hit me with force and quick spurts, I held his hips while he shot into my mouth, I was surprised how warm his cum was and how it ticked on the way down my throat. I was in love, not with him but with sucking cock.

He pulled his now deflating cock out of my mouth and wiped it on my face, “let me just paint you a bit he said,” I smiled. He fell back into the soft chair and his spent cock was lying on his leg.

I couldn’t resist the urge to lean over and rest my hands on his thighs and I looked at him and asked, “can I suck you clean?”

“Yeah man, suck my cock clean for me,” he said.

One last time I needed to taste him and relish his size.

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