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Trap Door Lady Boy.

His strong hands were squeezing my hips tightly as he was pumping his hard rod into me. The cool night air was kissing the beads of sweat on my exposed cheeks. I could feel a familiar pinching sensation in my slender thighs from the black lace panties that had been pulled down to my knees. I barely know the man behind me. It isn’t even like he was my first tonight. However, the sense of being filled with his hard dick repeatedly invading my thoroughly abused ass hole is better than the emptiness I had been feeling in its absence. This man, who has been a coworker of my father’s for longer than I have been alive, is now ruthlessly driving his cock into me. He is needlessly trying to be sexy, calling me a slut, asking if I love how his cock feels, and demanding that I beg him for his load.

I would have let him fuck me regardless of whether or not I found him attractive. It has been at least two weeks since I last heard from Jake. It would seem that he wasn’t ready for a public relationship, which had been what I was craving for as long as I can remember. It was with that simple disagreement that Jake would move on leaving me all alone. Since then, I have been bouncing from one cock to another. It was only when I was dressed up as Alex, that I felt alive. Yet, tonight at least, it was as if I was chasing the high I felt that first night with Jake.

The man I have come to know as Mr. Dodson was furiously pumping me in our backyard while my dad was on a beer run. Part of me would hope that my mom came outside only to bear witness to the slut she had raised. My parents were okay with me dressing and even going out to meet men, however, the rule was that I couldn’t dress up with company over. I was also sure that they would not approve of me letting their married friends cum in my ass. I had already been fucked by two different men before I got home to see Mr. Dodson eyeing me while my Dad was searching for his keys. Within seconds of him leaving, Mr. Dodson would come over and try to chat casually. I wondered if he could feel the other men’s semen in my dirty hole as he was plunging in and out of me.

It was just as I heard my dad’s car pulling up to the other side of the house that Mr. Dodson shot two ropes of cum on my ass. I had already asked him to cum inside me for fear of him staining my clothes. He, evidently felt that I wasn’t worth the courtesy as he ejaculated all over my new top and skirt. I was able to slip into the basement unseen before my dad could return to his sweaty disgusting friend.

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Hello Generous And Single Gentlemen/Oil Tycoons/Sugar Daddies And Boys That Are Not Broke, I Am What Dreams Are Made Of - Warm, Sweet, Affectionate And Charming With A Dangerously Wild Side. I Am A Devout Catholic And A Voodoo Believer! My Tight Ass Is Smooth, I Am Very Friendly With An Out Going Personality And A Great Sense Of Humour. I Am A Great Shopper. I Am Daring Yet Delicate. If You Want To Date Me Out, Then Let Me Know. I Love To Drink Guiness Stout, Red Wine, Gin With Pineapple Juice And I Love To Eat Pizza, Barbecue Pork Ribs, Laksa, Chilli Slices And Onions On Prata, Lean Beef Rendang, Lean Beef Steak. I Can Only Go Out From 1 pm And I Have To Be Home By 6 pm. When We Are Together You Will Be Spoiled Pampered And You Will Definitely Reach Your Climax. I Am A Genuine Treasure Don't Wait Text Message Me Only Now +65 90269350.CHEERS! The Funny Thing About Me Is That I Can Be Every Daddy's Little Psycho. PayPal.Me/TerryTSwendybella

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