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What If The Mirrors Are Reflecting Something That is Beyond Our Reality?

What If The Mirrors Are Reflecting Something That is Beyond Our Reality?

What if the mirrors can actually make us do something that we don’t wanna do?

A floating heart that is pierced by three swords.

Sometimes life gives us no choice – we are knocked down. But what determines one’s future is the choice of whether to remain knocked down or rise again. Each little piece of suffering you encounter serves as a stepping stone to finding a deeper meaning in this world. This card comes at a time when you need to prepare yourself for this next stage in life. While the grief may be extremely hurtful, it enables you to forget your past and focus on your future knowing that you have control of what actions you take afterwards. Don’t dwell so much on what is troubling you but instead, focus on what is approaching, because you determine your fate. 

You may be dealing with a material loss right now, or at least something in your financial life causing you a lot of stress. A breakup has both emotional and financial consequences; you may no longer be able to afford your apartment alone, or you may have to split your assets in a divorce. All these things can be overwhelming now. Make sure to be gentle with yourself, but also remember not to avoid taking care of these things. Find support; you can make it through.

It is like a nightmare but you will be awake. You are going through a hard time in your life right now. You can feel like your flesh is burning and you can feel that your lungs are filled with smoke.

Our senses are the tools we use to perceive, explore, and observe our world. Like the feminine aspect of the tarot, they are receptive—through them, we take in the necessary information we need in order to act, react, and respond to our environment.

Pathworking is the psycho-spiritual process of coupling these senses with our imaginative faculties in order to bring an image to life. It requires a certain level of concentration, persistence, and dedication to get the most out of a pathworking journey, so I thought it would be a good idea to mindfully engage with our senses in the “ real world” before we attempt to do so in the world of our minds.

A Sacred Space For Your Tarot Reading

A Sacred Space For Your Tarot Reading

Let’s talk about a couple of different ways to create the space. Alright, so I think most people often think about space as a physical space. When you’re reading tarot creating that space can be, well definitely having your tarot cards. That helps. Look, your physical space can literally just be a place, a flat area, and your tarot cards. That could be it for physical space. However, here is a
couple of things that I suggest.

I think it’s a good idea to have a clear space. However, it’s important that if you were to go ahead and do a tarot reading make sure you’ve got … Remove all the clutter from where you’re doing a tarot reading, and it kind of energetically it’s kind of taking away any distraction from that tarot reading. It’s just allowing a clear mind when you’re doing your card reading. Now you might want to decorate that space in some way. For example, you might have some favorite crystals, and what I like to do is if I’m doing say a tarot reading on love then I’ll bring in my beautiful rose quartz crystal. I just sit near the reading area. Or maybe it might be able some negative stuff that we want to clear out. Then I bring in some smokey quartz. Now I am not a crystal expert. I don’t know a great deal about crystals. I only know enough to get by, but you might know a lot about crystals or even if you just want to find out a few of sort of the top 10 crystals, just do a little bit of research. Find out what crystals might be really supportive of the different kinds of tarot readings that you do. Then you can bring them into your tarot reading quite mindfully.

Some other things that you might like in your physical space, some candles perhaps. Of course, just be mindful that if you’re in a space where you’re not allowed to have flame maybe the candles are not such a good idea. But it can add … Maybe it’s adding that element of fire to your tarot reading. You might like to have some plants. I love having plants around me when I’m doing tarot reading, or just when I’m working generally. You might have some sort of symbols or symbolic figurines for example. I love this Lady Isis because she brings such strong, sacred, feminine energy to all the work that I do. You might have something like that. It might be a dream catcher. It might be an image that brings a feeling of serenity to you. Really anything can be in this physical space, but I just want to make sure that you also know that you don’t have to have all of this paraphernalia. Only have it if it’s helpful to you. If it’s available, and so on. So don’t feel like “Oh my goodness I’ve got my tarot cards, I desperately need to do my tarot reading but I don’t have my crystals. What am I going to do?” It’s all okay. You can simply just clear the space and do the tarot reading or bring in all of your fun stuff as well.

Let’s now talk about the mental space. Now this is all the stuff that is going on in your mind coming into a tarot reading. Now what’s really important when you do a tarot reading or before you do a tarot reading is that you have a clear mind. If you don’t have a clear mind you’re going to get your ego talking, your critical mind talking and it just overrules your intuition. Not a great thing. So a couple of easy things that you can do to create the mental space.



The most pivotal event in returning my gift to me was a situation that was to change me forever. I was 19 years old, and my alcoholism had progressed along with my self-centeredness–I was frozen in immaturity. I was managing my cross-dressing behavior by taking female hormones pills and drinking to temper their effects. By this time, I was also using street drugs on top of everything else. I was screaming inside for help, but none came.

After taking an overdose the day before final exams as a pre-law freshman in college, I went to summer school to make up for the year I’d sabotaged. I was depressed and didn’t know what to do: My intuition was blocked and muffled by all the poison I was taking into my body and my destructiveness made it impossible to hear the warnings of my soul.

My friends on campus cautioned me to stay away from a particular bar in a seedy part of town that was rumored to attract a wilder kind of crowd. Of course, that just intrigued me more, so I went there with a friend and started hanging around. Needless to say, as a young, rebellious, curious, and self-destructive transgender gal who was desperate for attention and not very experienced with men, literally I got into trouble. The place was frequented by all kinds of rough guys-drug dealers, gangster pimps, and bikers among them. I should have known better, but I’d never been exposed to this element of society before, except in the form of romanticized novels and movies.

My first taste of the dangers of that scene came one night I insulted one of the men in front of his gang of friends. For the first time in my life, I received a violent beating at the hands of a man. His first hit my face full-on, and I flew backward over a chair and landed on the floor. I heard a crack and a hollow thud, and I must have passed out for a few seconds.

I remember picking myself up off the floor…the room was spinning. I could taste the blood running into my mouth, and both the front and back of my head were pounding. I’d never been hit before – I was shocked, humiliated, and very scared. No one helped me up from the floor. I’d apparently done the unthinkable, although I wasn’t exactly sure what that was… However, it was what happened two weeks later that would change my life forever.

I was beginning to feel cooped up in my school’s dorm, where I’d remained since the incident at the bar. Still shocked by my experience, and with the bruise still evident on my face, I let my girlfriend convince me to go downtown for a beer. Later that evening we ran into a group of guys we’d seen around. I was ready to go home, but my friend wanted to stay longer, so I accepted a lift from the men. I didn’t know them very well, but they seemed nice, and they’d never bothered me before.

After what had occurred two weeks earlier, I was looking for protection, so I believed them when they offered to get me home safely. Little did I know that these men had other plans for me – an experience that showed me what it was like to lose power to choose what would happen to my own body, as well as making me truly understand the nature of shame. But the situation would also open the door to those abilities that I had previously pushed away.

The interesting thing was that the minute I accepted the ride, I knew something terrible was going to happen, but I just wasn’t able to listen. My intuition was there to show me the way, but I was drunk and couldn’t hear it. Although a sense of fearful expectation made my heart race, I hoped that what I anticipated was just my imagination…but it turned out to be all too real. Something important was indeed about to take place: I was going to be raped.

As these men violated me, I had an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. I remember it vividly as if it were only yesterday. I saw myself being lifted out of my body, floating up to the corner of the room. I looked down at the scene below, observing what was happening to me in a calm, detached, curious way. I remember feeling very old as if I had been a soul since the beginning of time.

At the same time, my intuitive gift began to reveal scenes to me from the lives of my assailants. I started to feel oddly sorry for them. I saw a child locked in the basement without food and water, left there by his fat, slovenly, alcoholic mother. I witnessed another small and skinny boy being shuffled in and out of foster homes. A third one had pale white skin and red hair and was part of a large family – I heard yelling and screaming in a kitchen, and I saw the father beating the mother to the floor and the little boy seething with rage. Then I saw someone in a grocery store stealing cans of soup and placing them in a big, unfamiliar purse.

These images swirled around me and were suspended in the room. I also experienced a split awareness: I was conscious of myself, and at the same time, I was able to “walk” beside my own mind, jumping back and forth at will. Later in life, I recognized that this is exactly the same “location” that I’m able to visit when I read for people.

What happened to me that night left me with two distinct legacies: The first was the shameful wound of rape that took many years to heal; the second and more important one was the dual awareness that I experienced. From that day forward, I was able to access this awareness at will, and it ultimately became the key to my hunger to know and understand the vastness of human consciousness and perception. But this change for the better wasn’t immediate.

Shame and Silence

For the next few years, I remained in situations that placed me in harm’s way. I was confused, and I prayed to God but believed He would ignore me. And my mother made me promise never to tell anyone about my experience, as she herself was a gang rape survivor. (During the war, she’d been assaulted by a group of Japanese soldiers while her father was forced to watch.)

I’d never wanted anyone to know about the rape. I kept it to myself until I collapsed a month later, hemorrhaging, with a super-high temperature. It took nine more years for me to hit bottom. The alcohol and drugs no longer provided escapes from my intuitive abilities, although messages and visions were distorted and filtered through my damaged ego. I wore the perception of myself as a victim like a badge.

My intuitive gift became increasingly difficult to suppress, so I stopped trying. With twenty-twenty hindsight, of course, I see that I had a strong six-sensory perspective on the people around me, what they were going through, and what was about to happen. But because I was never sober, I was unable to put this to good use.

I love the feeling of a big cock sliding deep into my ass.

I love the feeling of a big cock sliding deep into my ass.

Once we were in his truck I rubbed on his leg for a few minutes until he unzipped his pants. I began to suck on his penis. It was an average size, but clean and pleasant, so I was enjoying myself, and judging by his moaning and wiggling around, so was he!

After a few minutes, he suddenly jumped and shouted! I almost hit my head on the steering wheel, and when I looked up there was a black man standing just outside of the driver’s window, who had apparently been watching us for some time!

My partner quickly lost his erection as he rolled down the window and made a bit of small talk before the other guy moved away. I started to go back down, but he was no longer in the mood so I got out and he left.

I straightened my clothes and walked around the parking area for a few minutes. This park is arranged primarily on a long curve, with a makeshift turn-around at the end, so everyone there can see me as I walk. (That turns me on, knowing that all these strange men can see me as I act out my slutty fantasies!) I walked all the way to the farthest end of the park and then turned and walked back. I passed close to the other few cars, but nobody seemed interested in me.

By this time I had also received another email from someone who wanted to meet me. I told him where to find me.

I walked up to a nice big truck nearby and he put down the driver’s window as I approached, so I stopped. he started talking to me, and began to rub his hand on my bottom and legs. I rested my hand on the door of the truck, and he took my hand and placed it on his average-sized cock. After we rubbed each other for a few minutes, he invited me into his truck. I naturally accepted.

I leaned over to accept my second cock of the night, and he wasted no time in putting his hand on my back, then my neck and head, encouraging me to work harder. I was happy to comply! He got really hard a few times, and I thought he was about to come, but he never did, and after almost fifteen minutes (I saw the clock on his dashboard), he decided to leave, so I stepped out, hoping to find another stranger.

As I passed the picnic pavilion I saw a cigarette light up. I turned and walked into the darkness and saw two men talking. They both stopped and looked at me, and I recognized one as the voyeur from earlier. He smiled at me, and the other looked a bit uncomfortable and walked away.

Once the voyeur and I were alone, he sat on the picnic table with his back to the road. As I walked closer he unzipped his pants. before I was within arm’s reach I could smell his unwashed crotch! I walked slowly past him, allowing him to slide a quick hand under my skirt, and then moved away. I cannot stand an unshaven man! I saw a guy standing behind his truck. I walked toward him slowly and circled his vehicle. He didn’t move away or react, so I moved closer to him, turning my back and wiggling my skirt. He made a comment about my outfit.

 He rubbed on my tummy and told me how sexy I was, then he slid his hand around and cupped my butt cheek, running his finger along my crack.

I let him feel me up for a minute, then he ran his hand up my back, to my shoulder, and gently pushed down. I caught his hint and dropped to my knees in front of him. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and in a few seconds, he slid himself into my mouth. I stayed still as he slowly moved in and out, then he began to move quicker as he realized that I enjoyed letting him be in total control.

He hit the back of my throat, then quickly pulled back and stopped moving for a minute. I leaned forward and ran my tongue along his shaft, then took him all the way into my mouth and throat. He seemed to figure out that I enjoyed it deeply, and he then resumed pumping himself into my face.

I experimented with giving him a hummer, but it didn’t seem to make a difference for him, so I stopped the noise and knelt there like an obedient little slut. I tried a few times to take his hands and place them on the back of my head, but each time he pulled his hands away from mine. He finally pulled out of my mouth and shot his load onto the pavement before I could stop him, then he said an awkward thanks.

 I headed back home, where I wandered the halls in a bikini, wig, and heels, then crawled into bed for a short nap before work the next morning.

Many creatives have just never heard of it.

In what ways does hard work make you feel fulfilled?

Our work contributes to the good of society. It serves others, it enriches peoples’ lives, and it moves everyone forward. Whether we are bagging groceries, delivering mail, analyzing stocks, curing cancer, or managing other workers, we can view our work as an act of love to the people we serve.

You’ll never believe what I’m about to confess…

<em>You’ll never believe what I’m about to confess…</em>

Interested in van life with a cat and unsure where to start?

To prepare for your cat’s new life, below are tips and tricks to ease into van life with a cat, and make sure you get started with the right paw forward!

Consider Extreme Weather

Extreme temperatures are a significant factor to consider in this lifestyle. If you’re thinking about traveling with your cat in a campervan, it’s important to incorporate extreme weather solutions into your van build.

For hot temperatures, I would recommend installing one or two (depending on the size of your van) rooftop fans for ventilation and cooling.

Add a Scratching Post

Cats instinctually scratch things to keep their claws sharp, to stretch, to exercise, and mark their territory. Once they find a spot they like to scratch they are likely to return to it. For that reason, it is best to put a scratching post for your cat in the van before they move in and decide to use something else.

During my build, I installed a cactus-shaped scratching post onto the side of a cabinet.

Consider The Litter Box

All cat owners know that litter boxes tend to get dirty quickly and need to be changed regularly. This is even more true in a van where you share a small space with your stupid pet.

I recommend putting the litter box in an easy-to-access area of the van yet where the cat still has some privacy. Mine is located underneath the bench seating, right when you walk into the van. I put a cloth door on it, so it is easy for my cat to go in and out while having some privacy and being able to do his ‘business’ discretely.

To control the smell, I use four different strategies that have been working pretty great:

  1. Scoop the litter every day
  2. Put charcoal odor-eliminating bags near the litter box
  3. Sprinkle Arm and Hammer odor neutralizer over the litter
  4. Install a cat litter deodorizer with a USB charger near the litter box.

Harness Train Your Cat

Training your cat to walk (or at least comply) with a harness & leash is a key element to having success in traveling with a cat. Cats get scared easily by just about anything but having a harness helps you keep them safe and make sure that you’re still in control if something happens.

Slowly Introduce Your Cat To The Campervan

Unlike dogs, cats have longer adjustment periods whenever they are introduced to a new space for the first time. This can last anywhere from several days up to a few weeks before they start to feel comfortable and consider the van their ‘new home’.  

Begin by putting them in the campervan and showing them their new surroundings, but don’t start driving yet. I would suggest at least three to four days of an adjustment period before you actually start driving. Additionally, try to make the van look (and smell) as much as their old home.

Make Sure Your Cat Gets Exercise

In general, a cat should get about thirty minutes of physical activity every day. Exercise stimulates cats mentally, keeps them at a healthy weight, and improves their mood.

In a small space, like a campervan, it may be difficult for a cat to get enough exercise. Training them to use the harness and taking them on walks is always an option.

Get a Tracker For Your Cat

If you plan to let your cat out of the van, it is a good idea to get a tracker for them along with a collar that has your phone number on it. This way if they ever run off or go missing, you would be able to track them down easily.

Here are a few tracker options that are popular for cats:

  • Tile Bluetooth Tracker – this is a Bluetooth device that is used to find lost items & is one of the least expensive options. While it was not made for cat tracking specifically, its range is 200 feet for the mate version or 400 feet for the pro version. I have seen a lot of people using these for their cats and they seem to work okay although they seem a bit bulky on a cat’s collar.

Apple AirTag– this also runs off Bluetooth and is not specifically made for cats. When it is in BT range, the range is about 30 feet, but the tag increases its range using other iPhones to ping off the air tag and notifies you via ‘Find My Network’ in lost mode. Rather than putting it on a keychain on your cat’s collar, I would suggest putting it inside a collar made specifically for it to distribute the weight better so it doesn’t hang in the way. Many companies make air tag collar holders like these ones.

Tarot Meditation Tools

Meditation is an important part of my daily practice. Over the years I have learned many tarot meditations that I use for myself and with my students. I have compiled some of my favorites here for you to try or revisit.

Because meditation is designed to take us out of our analytical mind and allow us to enter a more expansive awareness, using tarot card meditations can create opportunities for insight that you cannot experience from doing non-meditative tarot readings or academic work with the cards.

Ultimately, regular meditation practice opens up insight, intuition, and psychic abilities. Then our work with readings can pull from both knowledge-based and insight-based practices, integrating both sides of the brain. The practical result is very powerful, inspired, clear, and detailed readings.

1. Fixed Gaze Meditation

I learned this technique from a friend more than twenty years ago; we weren’t using it with tarot images at the time, but with some simple geometric shapes printed large on regular copy paper. I more recently looked the technique up online and discovered that it is a yoga meditation called Trāṭaka and can be used to open up psychic powers.

The meditation consists of fixing your gaze on a symbol or object while allowing natural thoughts to arise and then letting them go. The goal is to become completely absorbed in the symbol, which in turn stills the mind, releasing the brain from the limitations of time and space and opening up spiritual consciousness.

In my Esoteric Tarot class, we use this exercise to focus on either a single astrological symbol or an astrological decan ruler and sign (such as are associated with the non-Ace pips, which DTC presenter Austin Coppock will address in detail). Some other tarot-related focuses could include a single symbolic element within a tarot card (like the crossed keys at the feet of the Hierophant or wreath on the wand that is held aloft in the Six of Wands or the snail at the bottom of the Nine of Pentacles). This exercise might also work well for simpler cards, such as Waite-Smith style Aces or any unillustrated pip card (such as those of the Tarot de Marseilles). It’s certainly possible to focus on the entire image of a more complex scenic card or Major Arcanum. Ultimately, though, this technique is most effective with a very simple focus. You may like to try the scanning technique, number three in this list, for full cards. But as always, do what produces the best results for you.

  1. Sit or stand in proper meditation posture and remain still throughout the meditation. Situate yourself so that your gaze naturally falls on the image or object that you wish to meditate on.
  2. Using a soft focus, gaze at your chosen symbol or card element.
  3. The gazing is done without blinking or straining; when your eyes start to water, you may shut them and hold the image in your mind’s eye.
  4. Pay attention to the thoughts that come up (without holding on to them) as they may provide insight into the meaning of the symbols. Don’t try to understand the symbol, only gaze at it, but also be aware if your consciousness changes and you begin to receive insight.
  5. The meditation can last from a few seconds up to 10 or 15 minutes.

2. The Four-Fold Breath with Tarot Ace Meditation

I learned this technique from The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, pp. 188-189. It also appears in their Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn.

  1. Place the four Aces where you can see them clearly. Put them in this order: Ace of Wands, Ace of Cups, Ace of Swords, and Ace of Pentacles. Examine the cards carefully, memorizing every detail of their images.
  2. Bring your awareness to your body. Make small, slow adjustments to move your body into a comfortable meditation posture. Sit forward on the edge of your chair, feet flat on the floor, spine erect. Feel relaxed but alert.
  3. Next, bring your awareness to your breath. Simply breathe, and be aware of your breath. Be aware of the breath entering the body; be aware of the breath flowing through the body. Follow the in and out, expansion, and release of the breath cycle.
  4. Holding the breath. Breathe in, then hold your breath for a moment at the point of fullest inhalation. Breathe out, and then hold your breath for a moment at the point of complete exhalation. Continue this cycle. Focus on the sensation of the flow of the breath and the hold in between breaths.
  5. Counting my breath. Each stage of the breathing cycle is given four counts. The count of the breath is “in-two-three-four, hold-two-three-four, out-two-three-four, hold-two-three-four,” repeating this at a pace that is comfortable for you. Continue to maintain your awareness of your body and how the breath is flowing through you as you count your breath.
  6. Adding a visualization. Our next step is to visualize one of the tarot aces at each of the four parts of the breathing. On the in-breath, clearly see in your mind’s eye the Ace of Wands, the Ace of Cups on the full hold, the Ace of Swords on the out-breath, and the Ace of Pentacles on the empty hold. If you don’t know the cards well, you can keep your eyes open and gaze at each one as you perform this step.
  7. Experience the energy of the visualization. Once you can see each card clearly in your mind as you progress through the breath cycle, allow that card to become alive with energy. Feel yourself filled with the energy of the Ace of Wands on the in-breath, feel the abundance of the Ace of Cups pouring over you on the full hold, and feel the release of the Ace of Swords free you from anything that is holding you back on the out-breath, feel the groundedness and security of the Ace of Pentacles on the empty hold. Discover your own personal understanding of the cards, the images, and the energetic component. Allow each card to become a living scene.
  8. If you are not familiar with tarot, try imagining a fruit tree, such as a cherry tree, through the seasons. At the in-breath, visualize the tree in blossom. At the full hold, see the tree laden with fruit. On the out-breath, see the tree’s leaves blowing away in the wind in the fall. At the empty hold, see the tree stark in winter with bare branches.

3. Card Scanning

I first came across this exercise in Donald Michael Kraig’s Modern Magic, p. 99. It’s a wonderful exercise to help you truly see the card.

  1. Choose a card to work with.
  2. Mentally divide the card into narrow strips, perhaps a ¼-½ inch wide. Scan the top strip of the card by slowly moving your gaze across the card noticing every part of the image in that narrow area down to the smallest detail.
  3. Repeat on the second strip from the top, and continue scanning the card strip by strip.
  4. You are using your eyes rather like a computer scanner that picks up every pixel of an image by moving across the image then down then across then down.
  5. Once you have mentally scanned the whole card, hold it in your mind with your eyes closed for a period of time. Continue to see every detail of it.
  6. If you like you can continue on to the next meditation, Entering a Card, or you can end your meditation here. Kraig also suggests a further component in which you “de-scan” the card, erasing it strip by strip from bottom to top, and then sitting in the resulting experience.

Homeless Survival Tips and Tricks to Learn From

Homeless Survival Tips and Tricks to Learn From

You know all of those purses in the back of your closet you haven’t touched in…years?

Use them for GOOD! Fill them up with sanitary and hygiene products, coins, snacks, and gift cards, then leave them in your car. Next time you see a homeless woman, give it to her! And make today, the BEST day for her! 

Collect Old Newspapers

First up on our homeless survival tips list is to gather as many newspapers as you can. Newspapers are fine tools since they have many uses and are accessible, especially on the streets.

For example, you can use it to improve your shelter or as bedding for you to sleep on. You can also use it to cover yourself up for insulation or burn it for fire.

The newspaper is also a source of information for current events, and even entertainment to keep your mind off your situation. It’s best to know what’s going on around you so you’re prepared for what might possibly happen.

Find Where to Sleep

One of the main concerns of being homeless is where to sleep or rest, too. There are shelters for the homeless or abandoned buildings you can temporarily stay in, though.

You need to check the structure of the building as it may already be weak since it’s abandoned. Find a spot closer to the exit or beneath a support beam so it’s safer.

In case you don’t find shelter and you’re forced to sleep on the streets, try finding a spot where there are other homeless people. This area is probably where the police won’t bother them, and there’s also safety in numbers.

It’s also possible they’ll intimidate you, so you need to prepare for that. If you want to have a more intimate spot though, try looking for bushy areas.

Find Practical Clothes

Homeless people know a thing or two about staying warm, as many of them have to sleep outside when it’s incredibly cold and snowing outside. A common strategy they use, which is very applicable to survival situations, is to dress in layers.

The first layer is the layer in direct contact with your skin, the second layer is the insulation layer (or the layer designed to keep you warm), and the third layer is the shell layer, or the layer designed to protect you from the wind and the rain and snow.

If you don’t have enough clothes for three layers, use plastic, cardboard, and especially newspapers, which brings me to the next tip…

Keep a Clean Look

Try to keep yourself neat, even if the chance of taking a shower does not come by often. So, make it a point to store wet wipes in your survival gear.

Go to public toilets where you have access to running water and clean yourself properly. By keeping a clean look, you can improve your self-confidence and have a more positive outlook on life.

Making yourself presentable will help you gain friends and handouts easier, too. That’s because people are most likely to respond positively to someone who looks clean. Having a clean look also makes it easier for you to blend in and not be shooed away by security guards.

Pack Wisely

In order to keep everything you have in your pockets and your bag, you’ll have to pack light. Don’t carry anything you don’t actually use on a regular basis. That’s why I recommend carrying multipurpose items such as bandanas, plastic bags, paperclips, and so forth. All of these can be used for many different things, which means you won’t have to carry as many items.

Carry First Aid Supplies

As I said, a cut or scrape could lead to an infection. So in case you do get hurt, carry some Bandaids antibiotic ointment with you. It doesn’t cost much, and it could literally save your life.

Another tip is to wear sunscreen if you know you’re going to be in the sun all day. A sunburn could also lead to open wounds that get infected. Make sure that doesn’t happen.

Use Baking Soda

Personal hygiene and sanitation are perhaps one of the most overlooked subjects when it comes to survival.  Sanitation standards are not going to be good out on the streets, to say the least, and you’re going to need to take action to keep yourself clean so you don’t get sick.

One of the most important personal hygiene items of all time is baking soda. When mixed with water, it can be used for anything from soap to deodorant to shampoo to toothpaste and so on. What’s more, it’s incredibly cheap, and can be bought for less than one dollar at most stores.

Don’t Eat Just Anything

If you’re hungry enough, it might be tempting to eat food out of the trash, but you risk getting food poisoning if you do that. If you’re forced to either eat discarded food or starve, choose things that don’t go bad as easily. That means foods that don’t have meat or dairy in them and are mostly made up of sugar and carbs. For example, leftover candy or chips will probably be safe to eat.

But on that note, you don’t want to just live on candy and chips. They are empty calories that will leave you feeling hungry, and they don’t have the nutrients your body needs to function properly. Living on junk food like that will cause your health to decline rapidly, making it even harder to survive.

If you can gather some change, buy foods like beef jerky, trail mix, granola bars, and other foods that have plenty of fat and protein in addition to carbohydrates.

Building Your Crazy Unique Bucket List

Building Your Crazy Unique Bucket List

Bucket List Prompt:

  • When you think about a bucket list, do you only think of including wild adventures or material things? Your bucket list should help you achieve a fulfilling life and cover all facets! Consider including items from these categories:
    • Creative
    • Travel + Adventure
    • Material + Financial
    • Giving
    • Intellectual
    • Relationships
    • Professional
    • Physical + Mental Health


Teepee tents are bursting with character, and depending on when and where you stay, it can be cheaper than booking a hotel room. Fancy a more upscale camping experience? Try a teepee lodge! They’re so homely, you might never want to actually go home!


Unique, mysterious, and potentially a little out of your comfort zone. If you’re a plant lover and have only chosen ‘traditional’ houseplants, why not spice up your collection with a venus flytrap, pitcher plant, or even a beautiful butterwort? 


If you have long locks, consider growing them out just a little longer than you normally would before going for a cut. Charities such as the Princess Foundation are desperate more than ever for long hair donations. Can you help make a little girl’s wish come true?


A billion-star hotel. Grab a tent and head somewhere with little to no light pollution for a gorgeous view of our universe and the Milky Way. 


Seeking to add a little spontaneity to your life? Let a dart decide where you jet off to next. Hoist a map onto a wall, throw a dart and wherever it lands, go! Rule out any warzones, and just make sure where you’re going is safe.

Double check the advice your country’s government gives on travel to that area to prevent any unwanted surprises.  


Some of the fastest roller coasters in the world include Formula Rossa, UAE (149mph), Kingda Ka, USA (128mph), Steel Dragon, Japan (95mph), and Millenium Force, USA (93mph).


One of my bucket list items! If you’ve followed me and my journey for some time you’ll know that I’m a water baby through and through, so naturally, I’m dying to fall asleep counting fish for once, instead of sheep. Underwater hotel rooms are covered with reinforced glass so you can see all sorts of wonderful creatures floating above you. 


You’ll be surprised at just how alive you feel after doing this.


A real feel-good bucket list moment. Make both yours and a child’s day by sponsoring their one last wish on trusted charity sites such as Make a Wish.

Whether you can donate the full amount needed or just a few dollars (pounds), it all helps. Read through some of the incredible stories, and see which child (children) you’d like to help.


Nothing can seem crazier than starting your own business, especially when you have a job already. I know you’ve probably had an idea for many, many years.

Why not make that dream a reality, even if you only start small at first. What if everything worked out 10x better than you could have imagined? One life. No regrets.


Many people dream of making passive income every day, and despite what many tell you, there are ample ways to do this that don’t involve drop shipping, selling other people’s items, or scams.

Do some research and then set yourself mini milestones to achieve this goal. 


Infinity pools like this luxurious one in Jade Mountain, St Lucia, or this tropical one in Ubud Hanging Gardens, Indonesia are just two of the many choices available to you. 


Write an inspirational note, a poem, or even your life story and send it away in a glass bottle for a complete stranger to find. You never know where it might end up, or who might end up reading it. 


If you’ve ever wanted to experience life in a country like a local, total cultural immersion is the way to go. There are programs you can join if you want to do it with others, or if you’re looking for a truly authentic experience, go it alone and explore the culture and language yourself.


If you know what a spiritual awakening is, you’ll likely have heard of doing ‘inner shadow work’. The inner shadow is believed to be the part of us that we bury through traumatic experiences over time.

Shadow work such as journaling is said to help heal and release negative emotions trapped within us. It’s a great way to explore and overcome your limitations!


It might seem daunting but you’ll learn a lot about yourself along the way. It’s one of the greatest personal growth and development journeys you can embark on.


One of the world’s most valued skills, and one of the ones most people are afraid of. Sign up for a class or course so you can rock a presentation or speech wherever you go (and potentially bag that next big promotion). 


Declutter and minimize. Sometimes what we think we want in life isn’t always what’s best for us, and that goes with fancy cars and houses too.

If you’re looking to downgrade and live a very simple life, consider purchasing a tiny house, or building your own. They’re cost-effective, and you can make them look as luxurious or rustic as you like. 


Whether it’s a lifelong dream or ambition, building your own home is a once in a life milestone to be celebrated.


Treat yourself, and for once make that luxury, more expensive champagne bottle on the menu yours. 


There are restaurants around the world that let you take your traditional dinner reservation into the sky. And, surprisingly, these dinners are fairly affordable with a two-course meal for 2 people costing around $45.


Not much in life is certain, but getting to watch a beautiful sunrise every morning is guaranteed. Would you believe there are health benefits to watching a sunrise?


There’s a famous saying, ‘there’s a story in everyone just waiting to be told, and I completely agree! Whether you’ve dreamed of 4 or 5 figure book deals or just simply want to write a book for your own personal records, this is something everyone should attempt at least once. After all, some of the most famous authors didn’t intend to become authors.


It’s always nice to be recognized for your work!


One of my top bucket list ventures! Learning to take a small boat out to sea and dock it again seems like such an amazing experience, and something not everyone can do either! One day I would love to lead a remote expedition on a boat. 


Go back in time with an authentic period-themed Renaissance Festival. Dress up, enjoy a banquet fit for a queen, or a bucket full of ‘slosh’ for a ‘peasant, and experience everything the 1300s-1700s had to offer.

Most festivals are brimming with theatrical acts, arts and crafts as well wineries, to keep the whole family entertained.

Sesame Street, The Cosby Show, Marvel X – men, Garfield and Friends, The Little Mermaid series, Thundercats, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, M.A.S.K, Jem, My Little Pony,

What TV shows did I watch as a kid?

I Offered The Pizza Boy A Small Part Of My Experience.

I Offered The Pizza Boy A Small Part Of My Experience.

Right then I realized I hadn’t cum since that night. Not for lack of trying, but because it was hard for me to orgasm without a dick inside of me.

A thought popped into my head. I could try to cum right now. I am alone—but, no, it is too risky. The thought of cumming in my room started to turn me on. Despite the concern, my hands pulled at the straps of my romper. I slunk into my blanket a little more, slowly pulling down the romper until it fell around my ankles.

I might get caught, I thought, pushing down my panties and untucking my limp tranny cock. I started to stroke it under my sheets, my gaze constantly looking around the empty room. I pulled my knees up to rest against my pillow, fingering my ass while tugging on my cock.

The thrill of potentially getting caught made me hard. I stroked faster and faster, feeling for the climax I wanted so badly. I was so close—and then I lost it, and my cock went soft. I licked up what precum clung to my fingers, then begrudgingly redressed.

For the next hour, I let boredom take me, eventually ending up watching cheesy porn videos for the terrible acting and humorous sex. The one I was currently watching was of a pizza delivery boy that was offered a handjob as a tip. While mildly sexy, I found myself more hungry than horny.

“I could go for a pizza,” I whispered. I opened an app on my phone, and within minutes one was on its way.

My attention was pulled by the soft tapping of a delivery boy at the outside of the glass. I shook myself, quickly pushing out of my kitchen table and unlocking the glass door. “Sorry—I got a little distracted.”

“I am guessing you are WendyBella?”

“Yup! What gave it away?”

The delivery boy smiled and looked around the empty house. “Lucky guess.” There was something about him that seemed familiar, but I couldn’t quite put a finger on it. He lifted the receipt. “It says you wanted to pay in cash?”

“Yeah, one second,” I said, rushing over to my purse. I reached into the pocket where my wallet was supposed to be, finding nothing but an empty space. “Uh oh.”

“Something wrong?” the delivery boy asked.

I huffed. “I grabbed the wrong purse—I don’t have my wallet, I am sorry, this is awkward.” I blushed brightly. I looked around the room for an answer I knew I wouldn’t find.

The delivery boy scratched at an eyebrow. “WendyBella,” he said as if remember my name from somewhere, then snapped his fingers. “Your Nicole’s best friend!”

“Yeah—I, do we know each other?”

“No. Well sort of. You know my neighbor, he is dating Nicole,” he said.

“Your Bron’s neighbor?” I asked, instantly recognizing the similarity. “I thought you looked familiar.” My memory flashed with the image of Bron’s cock, and I blushed. Bron wouldn’t have told him about that though. Right?

“About your pizza though,” he continued, “if you can remember your card number—I could probably type it in?”

“I don’t remember it,” I said sheepishly. I hopelessly looked through my purse. A pack of gum, some tissues, an old condom, mascara, and lip gloss were all that I had. I tossed my purse on the desk and looked at my phone. “Unless you accept handjobs as payment, then I think I am out of luck,” I jested.

He flushed and his eyes went wide.

“Sorry, bad joke!” I said quickly. “There was this video—I mean I was reminded of something—that was poor taste, sorry.”

“You’ve been around Nicole too long,” he joked back. He looked around briefly, then spoke softer. “I, um,” he whispered, “I would—accept a handjob.”

I laughed and waved a hand, thinking he was joking. “Seriously?” I asked coyly.

“If you’re serious,” he said nervously and grinned.

I bit my lip as I thought, considering it. I could probably call Nicole and get her to cover for the pizza, then pay her back later. I looked at Bron’s neighbor, and curiosity got the better of me.

“Alright,” I whispered. “But only because I am starving. And on one condition. You have to promise not to tell Bron. Or Nicole. It has to stay between us.”

“I promise,” he agreed, setting down the pizza box on the floor. He shifted awkwardly, uncertain what to do. “Should I—um—sit down? Stand?”

“Have you ever—had a handjob before?” I asked.

“Sort of.”

“Sort of?”

“On the outside of my pants once,” he said with a shrug.

“Wait. So this is going to be your—first handjob?”

He nodded wordlessly, trying to casually cover a growing bulge in his jeans.

I could feel my cheeks red from the blush. “Here,” I said, pulling his arm. “Just sit on my bed.”

He sat down, looking from side to side. I kicked off my stockings and knelt down, pushing open his knees and gently tracing my hand up his thigh. “Don’t worry, I will do most of the work,” I said. The tips of my fingers pressed against his cock. “All you have to do is relax and let me know if you hear anyone knocking on the door.” I gripped half of his cock. “And play with my nipples every so often, if you don’t mind.”

I reached up and slowly unfastened his belt, intentionally exaggerating the moments while I undid the button first and then the zipper. I reached inside his boxers. He has a nice cock, I thought. I pulled the pants at the hips, dragging them and his boxers down to his knees.

His cock bounced out of his pants. He nervously covered himself and laughed. I grabbed his hands and pushed them to the side. “Relax,” I whispered, holding his cock with one hand, the other on his thigh. He wasn’t as thick as Bron, but just as long, and with a slight curve. “If you want me to stop—”

“No,” he replied instantly. “I—am just nervous.”

“Would it help if I talked?” I asked, running my fingers up and down his shaft. I grabbed his cock with both hands, holding the tip close enough to my mouth so that he could feel the heat of my whispers. “Do you like it when I stroke the tip like this?”

I put the tip of his cock in my palms, stroking and twisting in a way that focused only on the tip. He moaned ever so gently. “Yes,” he whispered. I kept doing it, cradling his balls with my other hand. A dribble of precum dripped onto my hand.

“And what about when I do this?” I spread the precum along his shaft, slowly stroking from tip to base.

He moaned again. I noticed when he relaxed his legs, sitting back in my chair. I held his cock close, looking up at him, holding the tip against my bottom lip. I let a little bit of spit spill over my lips and onto his cock.

It was slicker now with my spit, and I was able to move my hands up and down his shaft rapidly. I tried to figure out what he liked based on his moans. When I grabbed his balls. When I gripped him with both hands. When I focused on just the tip.

He closed his eyes. I know that look, I thought. “Are you going to cum?”

I kept stroking as he moaned, waiting for him to cum. But he didn’t. “Are you—holding back?” I asked.

“A little—” he confessed.


“It feels good.”

I giggled and kept stroking. “It would feel better if you cum,” I whispered. “I want to feel it, warm and gooey, dripping over my fingers.” He moaned and I felt the faintest pulse in his cock.

I have him close. Just a little more. I wonder if he can hold back if I do this—

I held his cock against my bottom lip again, looking up at him. When he looked at me, I parted my lips and took him in my mouth. It was just the tip at first, keeping my eyes locked on his as I swirled my tongue, tasting his precum.

And then I took him deeper in my mouth. Slowly working up and down. Pushing his cock past my tongue and down my throat. I gagged, pulling off with a gasp, and his cock slick from my throat. I licked along his shaft, blowing him harder and harder.

But still, he didn’t cum. I kept sucking for what felt like fifteen minutes. After deepthroating him again, I stopped for air. “Are you still holding back?” I said between breaths.

“It feels really good,” he replied.

“Was I at least close to making you cum?”

“A lot of times.”

“Alright,” I said, reaching for my purse. “Let’s see if you can hold back this time.” I grabbed the old condom, tore open the package, and slid it over his cock.

“What are you doing?” he asked as I stood. I pushed at the shoulder straps of my romper, letting it fall to the ground.

“Stand up,” I whispered. Then I turned around and dropped my panties to the floor, leaning over my bed with my ass toward him. I reached behind as he stood, grabbing his cock, and leading it to my asshole.

“I’ve—never been with a transgirl,” he said.

“Well, there are really only two things you need to know about transgirls,” I said as I pushed his cock into my tight asshole. I moaned. “They have tight assholes, and know how to please a cock.”

I was glad when he pushed in slowly. It was so tight but it felt so good to feel him inside of me. He grabbed my hips, spreading my ass cheeks and watching as his cock disappeared in my ass. I guided him with my hand, pushing and pulling as he thrust.

My tranny cock started to get hard against my blanket as he pounded me from behind. I gripped the edge of the desk, pressing against each thrust as he fucked my asshole. My limp cock quivered, then pulsed as he made me cum. I moaned so loud I was afraid someone from another house might hear us. I felt my stomach slick with my own cum as he thrust faster, and faster.

And then he slowed, pushing his cock deep inside of me. And then I felt it.

There it is, I thought blissfully, savoring every pulse from his cock. I could feel his cum, a lot of cum, warm in my ass. I opened my eyes. Wait.

As he pulled his cock out with a thwap, I felt a bit of cum dripping along my thigh. I looked down at the condom, broken and scrunched against the base of his cock. He stumbled backward into the bed, breathing heavily, and looking from my ass to the broken condom.

“I—I didn’t mean to break it—sorry,” he said.

“It was mostly just to lube my asshole anyway,” I said. I pushed his legs wider, spreading my ass over his cock. I felt the warmth dripping out of my gaping hole and onto his cock. I watched him with a grin as he watched the cum spill out.

I’ve never had so much cum in my asshole before. I turned, then got on my knees again. I let the cum drip into my mouth from his cock, sucking up the rest, and letting him watch as I swirled it around with my tongue. I sucked what was left out of his cock, giving him one last glance before I swallowed the load.

He sighed happily. “Wow—I, don’t know what to say.”

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked, sliding into my panties, and pulling up the romper.

“You have no idea,” he said, standing and zipping up his pants.

“That makes me happy,” I said. My stomach growled, unsatisfied with just the cum. I opened the pizza box and got a slice.

“You—um,” he said, pointing to the corner of my mouth, “you have a little—something.”

I brushed my cheek where a bit of cum still clung. “Thanks,” I said, then took a bite of the slice. The pizza had never tasted so good.

“I am so late now for work,” he said.

“Sorry about that. Next time I won’t forget my wallet.”

He made himself presentable, turning to leave but stopping at the door. “Do you mind if I get your number?” he asked sheepishly.

He fucks me so hard I am left gaping and dripping with cum—and still is nervous to ask for my number? “You’re cute,” I said, “and yes.” I wrote down my number on a piece of paper, tore it off, and handed it to him. “Not exactly what I would have expected for a first date. But fun!”

He smiled, awkwardly kissed my cheek, then scurried out of the house.

I sat in my chair, cringing against the pain of my stretched asshole. It felt good. I leaned back with complete satisfaction. I could still taste his cum in my mouth, and my lips were still sticky. I looked at the cum stain on my bedsheet and sighed. Totally worth the mess.