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White Cross Dresser Party Girl

After months of resisting my feminine slutty side, I finally gave in one day when I agreed to meet a thug black meth dealer to PNP. I knew what that meant and craved it. I shaved my entire body smoothly, douched out my ass, and packed my “sex bag” with my analyze, lube, poppers, black thick butt plug, and a few different sexy outfits. I also packed a long-length black wig. Underneath my sweats, I had dressed in the sluttiest possible outfit. Black fishnet stockings, red lace G-string, black tight see-through mini skirt, black bra, and a see-through black half-shirt.

We went to pick up the dealer first, then headed to a cheap hourly motel in the hood. $28 for two hours.

As soon as we got inside, the dealer told me he had to go get weed but wanted to shower first. He handed me an 8ball of really strong meth to get the party started. He jumped in the shower as I made a couple of lines to sniff. I snorted it up and everything seemed to slow down as the powerful wave of pure animal of sexual loss swept over me. I vaguely remember him coming out and pushing me to my knees to deep throat his hard cock and telling me to poke my booty up high so he could booty bump me. He grabbed my asscheeks and spread them apart, then spit on my hole. He pushed a huge rock in my ass, all the way to his knuckle. Waves of lust rolled over my body as he moved me to the bed. I remember getting on my belly and poking my ass up high. I reached back with both hands and spread my asscheeks wide open. I took some of my drool from my wet mouth and used the spit to wet my hole.

Tony stood in front of me and I nursed his hard cock with my mouth. When he was rock hard, he moved behind me and took a picture of my wet hole. “You gonna get a lot of Nigga cock in your white pussyhole tonight, bitch,” I vaguely heard him say as he pressed the engorged head of his black cock against my tight shit hole.

Then he put a little bottle of poppers under my nose and told me to sniff it deeply. As soon as I did, he forcefully pressed it down hard. All 12” of thick cock pressed down through my sphincter muscle and into my guts. It didn’t take long for him to speed up the violent pounding as he rode his cock harder and harder into my violated anal cavity. I was grunting and moaning as he pumped the entire length of his cock into my rectum. I pushed it in as hard as he could. I could feel it throbbing as his Nutt went deep into my ass. As soon as he was done, Tony pulled his huge cock out and slapped my face with it.

I lay there still holding my asscheeks apart and got so turned on. My hole was totally open and dripping Nutt. I fingered my hole to keep it open.

I saw him staring at my violated hole. “Yo bitch, you owe me $100 for the stuff.” I said, “I don’t have any money right now to pay for it.” He laughed and said, “until you pay me back, that fine white ass in mine. I’ll pump your hole full of nuts, bitch. And you’ll take care of people until I tell you to stop. You understand?” I nodded my head. He told me to wait in the room while he went to buy some weed.

I was still super horny when I heard a knock on the door. I thought it was Tony. It was the motel clerk instead telling me the time was up. They only took cash and I only had $10 left. What made things worse was my cell wasn’t charged. I quickly showered and got dressed. I took all the remaining meth with me.

I planned to wait 15 minutes for Tony, then go to a Starbucks to recharge. Two hours later and I still hadn’t found a place with a charger. That meant a long walk home through a pretty bad part of town.

I started walking still feeling that sexy feeling in my ass and tingling from the T. I was still wearing my slutty outfit with my jacket over it. As I walked, I noticed a guy walking up on me. When he caught up, we started to talk. He said I looked hot. I thanked him. As soon as he asked me if I liked to party, I got immediately horny just thinking about the hot sex I had earlier and the lust burning inside me for more.

I told him I was really horny and asked him if he had any T. He told me he only had cracked and that we could go to his tent to smoke it. I said ok and felt his hand on my asscheek as we walked. He slowly rubbed his finger against my still open and wet hole. “Feels like you already got some dick, bitch. You ready for some real Nigga cock?” I came a little when he said that. My hole was throbbing.

As we walked along the dark street, we passed by tents with mostly homeless black men living in them. They silently watched us walk and I could only imagine what they were thinking. We passed by an RV that had a tough-looking big black guy standing in front. “Where did you find your sexy little white girl,” he said as he looked me up and down. I looked at his crotch and saw his hand stroking his huge semi-hard cock through his pants. LeRoy said, “she’s a sissy. I’m just going to party with her in my tent. Can I get $40 of rock?” The drug dealer handed him a little bag and told LeRoy to pay up. LeRoy looked at me and I told him I didn’t have any money. The dealer looked at me with a very hard stare. “Turn around bitch. I want to see your sexy booty. I unzipped my jacket so he could see what I was wearing, then slowly turned around and grabbed my smooth asscheeks with my hands. He said, “spread that ass for me, baby.” I did and he pulled the panty string to the side and took a picture of my bootyhole, still slightly open and wet from before. He looked at us and said I could pay him later. In my meth and sexual fog, I didn’t really know what that meant other than the fact that we got the drug I so desperately needed to keep my raging sexual energy going. LeRoy knew what that meant and I noticed how he wasn’t as nice to me and sounded more like a thug.

When we got to the tent, I quickly took off my jacket and pulled out my lube and poppers. LeRoy packed the crack pipe with rock and took a big hit and put it in my mouth and I breathed deep. There was an immediate reaction and I felt super horny. Things got intense fast. LeRoy pushed me to my knees and jammed his cock down my throat. It was huge and my mouth barely fit around it. He roughly facefucked me, only stopping to hit the pipe and popper me up. He slapped my face, then flipped me over onto my belly. “Poke that booty up slut and take this Nigger dick!” I screamed out as he roughly forced his entire hard thick cock into me with one stroke. It started to feel really good so I was talking super dirty, begging him to give me his cock. To sodomize me. To make me his sissy bitch. To pimp me out to niggers all night long.

He flooded my rectum with his nutt then had me suck him clean. He laid back in the tent and I deep-throated him in between taking more hits on the pipe. I heard someone just outside the tent and heard LeRoy say “$20”. A $20 bill landed inside the tent and I realized what was about to happen. I started to say no, but LeRoy just gave me another hit on the pipe and held my head still as some guy rubbed lube on my hole then plunged his cock inside me.

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